New Fan-Driven App

Radically Simplifies the Handicapping Process

HANDYTAPP demystifies horse race handicapping.  A database driven application, powered by a proprietary algorithmset programmed to handicap horse races; recommends the optimal play in every race, based on win probability and wagering value.


  • Intelligent algorithms, perform complex calculations in strict accordance with specific methodologies to quantify the primary, secondary and unknown handicapping factors with meticulous precision; instantly displaying the legitimate win contenders in any horse race.
  • Handicap an entire race card with one tap.  Sort entries by class, lineage, speed, pace, form, or by their potential to improve or regress today (entelechy); with properly adjusted figures and structured data based on DRF Classic Past Performances.  Advanced players can instantly view any primary handicapping factor, as quantified for any given race.


HANDYTAPP estimates the win probability, fair odds and wager bifurcation point for each horse in the race, then it draws upon a proprietary, hierarchical base of empirical data consisting of more than 70,000 races, dating as far back as the year 2004 (the first year we began to run the "FORM" algorithm); to run a series of database queries which produce one of three possible recommendations for the race:


Bet the TOP HORSE to WIN.  Odds must remain greater than the wager bifurcation point at all times.  OR ELSE PASS THE RACE!

TOP HORSE will be vulnerable.  Bet the legitimate WIN contender, with the highest Trueclass-Today (Win Probability) rating; which is being offered on the tote board, at FAIR ODDS or greater.  IF NONE PASS THE RACE!




HANDYTAPP will automatically suggest a horse to bet on; advanced players can either follow the suggestion or make their own decision based on any factor(s) deemed influential.


  • Automated procedures help safeguard new fans, by passing races with insufficient value or data in order to maintain a higher strike rate; while recommending legitimate win contenders at fair or overlaid odds attaining greater value in the races considered.
  • Now young people who enjoy the challenge of a good game of skill, can discover the beauty and complexity of the sport of kings.
  • Gone are the days when thoroughbred racing was intimidating to the casual fan or first-time racetrack patron, with a comprehensive knowledgebase on the fundamentals of horse race handicapping and parimutuel wagering available with just a tap.

Long nights pouring over past performances are a thing of the past, handicap the races with a tap and instantly be in the know with HANDYTAPP!