Game of Skill

  • New Fan-Driven App

    Radically Simplifies the Handicapping Process

    HANDYTAPP demystifies horse race handicapping.  A database driven application, powered by a proprietary algorithmset programmed to handicap horse races; recommends the optimal play in every race, based on win probability and wagering value.

  • The Realm of Gambling

    Thoroughbred Horse Racing at The Great Race Place Santa Anita Park


    "A whole lot of people got to get up real early and do a whole lot of work so I could place that wager, it's about connecting to those winning energy currents that begin to peak early in the morning on race day and buzz all around us like a whirling dynamo by post time; and that's a dynamic process."


    Omar Montes de Oca
    Founder and Chief Operating Officer


    The Law of Large Numbers


    Wagering on thoroughbred horse races is a thinking person's game, one in which the players who apply skill with discipline can expect to make a profit.  This is due to one of the principles of probability, referred to as the Law of Large Numbers; which provides that despite extended streaks one way or another, the frequency of events with the same likelihood of occurrence will even out over time, reverting to an expected value with enough trials or instances.