Horse Race Handicapping



 Racing Maxims and Methods of Pittsburg Phil
by George E. Smith


Thoroughbred Race Horse Classification

Handicapping Horse Races with Algorithms

Clockerscorner,com is a thoroughbred race horse classification service.  Our algorithms are designed to assist horse players in determining the True Class of a thoroughbred race horse, as related to the surface, distance, impost and level of competition assigned Today.

Based in foundation upon the old Jockey Club method of weights and scales, as further developed to incorporate additional methodologies, Sartin, Quirin, Beyer and others; into an algorithmset which assigns numerical ratings for the Primary, Secondary and Unknown Handicapping Factors.


Win Factor

A raw probability rating, weighted for the specific race type and conditions, is then calculated from these data and adjusted for the racetrack takeout; thereby producing the contender's adjusted win probability rating and fair odds; since it was calculated in relation to the specific group of horses assembled for this race today, we call the rating "True Class Today".


Class Wins

Moreover, we view Thoroughbred Class as sharing an interdependent relationship with every handicapping factor; thus forming a delicate interweave which will become the horse's ultimate expression of its Class on race day.

Consequently, we attempt to quantify Thoroughbred Class by evaluating each Primary Factor independently (rating), and in relationship to all factors (weighting); insofar as they contribute to the horse's Class (estimating).

The resulting numerical value attributed to each horse represents our best attempt to estimate its probability of winning, based upon its Class, Breeding, Speed, ability to sustain a Pace and Current Form; as influenced by the Secondary and Unknown Handicapping Factors.


Watch this Race to See True Thoroughbred Class in Action

A mare's day at the office, Zenyatta (The Queen).  Spots the best male horses in the world ten lengths into the far turn at The Great Race Place, then places cinder blocks on their hooves in the stretch.

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Primary Handicapping Factors

We view as those factors directly related to the ability of a Thoroughbred Race Horse.

Secondary Handicapping Factors

We view as those factors which are beyond the horse's control.

Unknown Handicapping Factors

We view as "Entelechy":  Potential Existence as opposed to Existing Reality.