Quite simply.  Advanced Internet Technologies will not ever sell, rent, provide or otherwise distribute in any way, shape or form, the personal information submitted by any user in connection with use of the web app, website and platform; to any sponsor, partner, affilliate, company or person, nor to any third party whatsoever.

Further, only such information necessary for assisting users to access and/or to interact with the web app, website and platform will be collected; all information shall be used in connection with that explicit purpose and for no other purpose.  Additionally, In order to provide users a protected experience within the web app, website and platform; a secure encrypted connection utilizing the TLS 1.2 internet security protocol, encrypts all information prior to transmitting over the internet, in compliance with the latest internet security standards.

User privacy is of the utmost importance to us.  Let not anyone, anywhere, ever; receive spam in their inbox, or even one robocall; due to an interaction with the web app, website or platform.