Unknown Handicapping Factors

We view the Unknown Handicapping Factors as entelechy, which is potential existence, as opposed to existing reality.


The Handicapper's View of the Race

Thoroughbred Horse Racing at Santa Anita Park

"There is no principal difference between natural perception and intellectual knowledge."

Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

The attempt to quantify Unknown Handicapping Factors as Entelechy is a novel approach in thoroughbred horse race handicapping, arising from a clear understanding that due to the nature of the game; whenever thoroughbred horses are racing, there will be Unknown Factors at play.


The Up and Coming Three Year Old Thoroughbred Race Horse

Thoroughbred Horse Racing at Santa Anita Park
Improving Three Year Olds

As concerning the Unknown Handicapping Factors which we call Entelechy, specifically, Existing Reality (that which is visible in the past performances), and Potential Existence (the proverbial horse "sittin' on a race" that may not be visible on the face of past performance data); thoroughbred races for three year olds, as well as three year olds and up, present numerous complexities.


The Potential Existence of a Thoroughbred Race Horse

Thoroughbred Horse Racing at the Great Race Place Santa Anita Park
Potential Existence

For this discussion the handicapper's view of a race horse shall be referred to as Existing Reality, and Potential Existence shall refer to the question of whether or not the horse will fulfill its potential of winning.


A Thoroughbred Race Horse Ready to Fulfill its Potential Existence

Thoroughbred Horse Racing at Santa Anita Park
Lightly Raced Four Year Olds

Any discussion regarding the Unknown Handicapping Factors (Entelechy) and thoroughbred race horses which, for whatever reason may not have their full capability on display within the handicapper's view; must include the lightly raced four year old race horse.



Entelechy and the Conditioner of a Thoroughbred Race Horse

Something's Different Today

Since the trainer of a thoroughbred race horse is an elemental component of its future development, the trainer's actions will be tied directly to the Potential Existence of a race horse by the law of cause and effect.



The Science of Patience

Thoroughbred Horse Racing at the Great Race Place
Recurring Angles

"La Paciencia es una ciencia" (Patience is a science)

Inocente Montes de Oca

Indeed, a common virtue to all winning horse players is the ability to wait for the right opportunities to cash well paid wagers.  Trainers are no different, thoroughbred horse racing is a business in which horsemen are paid a percentage of the purse moneys which their horses earn; but many have been known to garner a healthy sum, cashing a winning wager on a fit, sharp race horse that was ready to win.