handicappinghorse1Level of Competition

Since every competent handicapping process must begin here, it will be important for horse players to be able differentiate among the various types of races, racing levels, conditions and restrictions.


As well as, the complexities involved with why a horse has been entered in a given race.

The Handicappers' Task

To determine how the Primary, Secondary and Unknown Handicapping Factors will inter-relate under the varying conditions of each race on the card; which will either be a Maiden Claiming, Maiden Special Weight, Claiming, Optional Claiming, Starter, Allowance, Stakes or Graded Stakes race.

Moreover, within the above mentioned race-type classifications, there will be specific conditions for each race; sex, age, surface, distance and impost (weight to be carried by each entry), and in certain races there will be further eligibility conditions set by the racing secretary (e.g. n1x, n2x, n3x, n1y, n1$, n2L, n3L, etc.).

In addition to establishing the racing conditions for every race, the racing secretary may impose restrictions in certain races based upon sex, age, lifetime wins, or some other criteria deemed relevant to racetrack operations (e.g. fillies, 2 year olds, 3 year old fillies, fillies and mares 4 years old and up, N2L - non winners of two lifetime races, etc.).


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