The handicappers' view of the race

The attempt to quantify Unknown Handicapping Factors as Entelechy is a novel approach in thoroughbred horse race handicapping, arising from a clear understanding that due to the nature of the game; whenever thoroughbred horses are racing, there will be Unknown Factors at play.

Existing reality

That which one perceives through one's five senses. More specifically, relating to a horse race, from the handicapper's perception of existing reality; in the terms of all that is perceivable from interpretation of the past performances of a race horse, for the purpose of quantifying its probability of winning in the future.

The handicapper's view of a race, after the handicapping process has been completed, upon which an opinion shall develop as to which horse is the most probable winner in the field - Existing Reality.

In other words, when handicappers evaluate past performance data, they form a view of the race and how each horse is likely to perform.

Since the handicapper's view is formed by that which she or he is capable of perceiving during the handicapping process, itself largely influenced by the visible information contained in the past performances; it's in these specific terms we refer to Existing Reality.

At this crucial juncture, whence handicapping has ceased yet as opinion develops, prior to the point when the handicapper turns horse player; it can be useful to consider the force of Entelechy.

Simply stated, there will be additional factors at play, which although not visible on the surface of past performance data, may nevertheless prove to exert substantial effect upon the outcome of a race; and should therefore be part of a handicapper's view of Existing Reality.

Entelechy is the force that transforms Existing Reality into Potential Existence. A natural life force, present in continuum throughout the lifetime of every living organism in the universe.

From the cellular level, where science has proven that living cells will actually move towards other beneficial cells and move away from toxic cells, to more complex life forms, plants, trees, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, insects, animals - to include thoroughbred race horses and humans; we are all here to seek our Potential Existence.

In fact, whether consciously or not are actively engaged in doing so, during every moment of every day, for as long as we remain living.

By natural process, all living things seek to fulfill their optimum Potential Existence. Entelechy is the force that morphs a seed into a sproutling, into a plant, into a tree. The same force that should a plant have the misfortune of growing in a shady place, will cause it to grow branches extending outward in search of life giving sunlight, that it may fulfill its Potential Existence of becoming a tree no matter what

Entelechy causes the birds to fly south for the winter and the whales to migrate oceans, it's the reason why humans learned to manipulate fire; and the same reason why you will never see a horse walk over and stick its hoof into an open flame. It would not be an optimal Potential Existence, therefore a horse will not naturally seek to place its hoof into a fire.

The force which makes a purebred American Pit Bull Terrier invincible by a dog of any other breed, game to fight if necessary to death when faced by an equally game opponent of the same breed, make no mistake; is the same force that makes a thoroughbred race horse run faster than all the others.

For in those brief moments of their respective lives, when the pit bull is fighting against an equally game opponent, and when the thoroughbred runs head and head down the stretch competing for superiority against an equally matched adversary; it's the reason why they came to this earth and they are in the very act of fulfilling their Potential Existence. Entelechia Prima. We all seek Potential Existence.



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